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Staying Safe and Connected Has Never Been Easier.

Haven is an expert-approved app used by students to quickly connect with loved ones and police in emergency situations.

With Haven, you have a 'Swiss Army Knife' of safety on you at all times, perfect for when you feel uneasy or for when you need help immediately.



"A game-changer in the field of safety and keeping young women safe."

Let’s be honest, do you feel safe when outside your home alone at night?


Do you wish that your best friend, parent, or friendly officer was able to ensure you get to where you want to be without harm? 


Download Haven now and you will have a sense of safety and never feel alone.

  1. Tap on Haven and share your Status and Location in under 5 seconds. 

  2. Call Your Loved Ones In-App. No need to worry about scrolling down your Contacts in an Emergency anymore.

  3. Need Help Now? You never called 911 before, so we provide a Script with Life-Saving Information. Those Seconds Matter.


You’ll fall in love with our modern and elegant 5-star design that makes it super easy to stay safe no matter where you are.


We help keep you safe so you can enjoy spending time outside with peace of mind. 


Haven also does not sell your information unlike some of the other safety apps out there. We want to empower you, not take your freedom away.


We only share your location with Angels when you use certain location-based features. Learn more about our Privacy Policy and why we never sell your data at


We also love hearing from our users. Feel free to let us know what you love and what can be improved with our email or in-app as well! One of our founders will respond within hours! 


Get Haven now to learn more about how you can protect yourself in an emergency.

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