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Haven Awarded $10,000 by the Dream Chasers Change Maker Foundation

Haven deemed the most socially responsible and impactful startup by the Dream Chasers Change Maker Foundation in 2021.

TORONTO, October 15, 2021 — Haven, the leading campus safety app company started at the University of Toronto, was awarded $10,000 by the Dream Chaser Change Maker (DCCM) Foundation for its revolutionary technology that actively makes university and college campuses safer.

"There were many social enterprise startups who applied to the DCCM Grant who are also doing amazing things to better the world. As such, we are super honoured to receive this award from Niluka and the DCCM Team" says Haven Co-Founder and CEO Nelson Lee.

The Dream Chasers Change Maker Foundation is a forward-looking non-profit organization that invests and supports student entrepreneurs who have audacious dreams to change the world.

As a part of the DCCM family, Haven will pay it forward and help bring up a new generation of aspirational and brilliant student entrepreneurs making the world a better place.

$5,000 of the DCCM Grant goes towards Haven to make the world a better and safer place. The other $5,000 goes towards Haven's founders' post-secondary education in scholarships.

Haven has been working for the past 7 months to create an app that helps improve campus safety. Haven was created after co-founders Nelson Lee and Ethan Hugh learned about the prevalence of sexual assaults and harassment at universities across Ontario in August 2020.

In March 2021, Haven was accepted by the University of Toronto's incubator, the Hatchery, to join their NEST 2021 Summer Program, which provided connections, mentors, and resources to help Haven succeed in its mission.

Haven released its app, ‘Haven – Safety Locator & Alert’, on the App and Google Play Store in September 2021. The Haven app can download here:

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