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Haven Launches Campus Safety App Across North America

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Haven launches and allows all North American students to download its revolutionary campus safety app just as university and college commences.

TORONTO, September 8, 2021 — Haven, a mobile safety app company created by two University of Toronto students who believe that returning to a pre-Covid world does not mean returning to pre-COVID dangers, today launched its revolutionary app across North America on iOS and Android devices.

Haven is an expert-endorsed app used by students to quickly connect with loved ones and police in emergency situations. With Haven, users have a 'Swiss Army Knife' of safety on them at all times, perfect for when users feel uneasy or for when a user needs help immediately.

"We are so excited to launch Haven and give students the opportunity to have the tools to stay safe as they head back to school. We have a very ambitious organic marketing strategy in the upcoming days to introduce Haven with people across Ontario." says Haven Co-Founder and CEO Nelson Lee.

With the Haven app, Users can:

  • Tap on the app when at risk of danger and their loved ones will know their status and location in under 5 seconds.

  • Call their loved ones, also known as “Angels,” in-app and not worry about scrolling down their contact list in an emergency.

  • Have access to a script with life-saving information such as their location, status, phone number, and more that can be relayed to emergency operators.

  • Use Haven’s revolutionary Destination Timer to broadcast their location when walking alone and inform their loved ones when they get home safely.

  • Learn more about consent, what assault is, and when their boundaries have been violated through Haven’s expert-reviewed Education Pages.

The app, officially called ‘Haven – Safety Alert & Locator’, can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store for free. Available on iOS devices running iOS 13 or later and Android devices running Android 10 or later, the Haven app is downloadable on all iPhones, iPads, M1 MacBooks, and Android devices.

Haven has been working for the past 6 months to create an app that helps improve campus safety. Haven was created after co-founders Nelson Lee and Ethan Hugh learned about the prevalence of sexual assaults and harassment at universities across Ontario in August 2020.

In March 2021, Haven was accepted by the University of Toronto's incubator, the Hatchery, to join their NEST 2021 Summer Program, which provided connections, mentors, and resources to help Haven succeed in its mission.

Haven released its app, ‘Haven – Safety Locator & Alert’, on the App and Google Play Store in September 2021. The Haven app can download here:

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