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Haven is the most robust incident response and mass communications system for organizations in North America.

See how Haven can help today.

Safety Made Easy

We Help Secure Your Community

Haven allows you to establish premier safety measures and communication capabilities for daily activities and critical incidents. Set up comprehensive security for your community in just 20 minutes with Haven.

Robust Custom Branded Safety Apps

Unleash a suite of safety, communication, reporting, and educational features with Haven.

Track Safety Data & Analytics with Haven

Leverage the Haven Portal for real-time administration of safety protocols and critical metrics tracking.

Trusted By Users, Industry, and Experts

Discover why existing Haven users and industry specialists alike love Haven for administering safety.

Advanced Location Sharing and Push Notifications

Enable users to stay connected with Haven’s industry-leading location technology.

Wide-Ranging Use Cases

If You Have People You Care About, Haven Can Help

Haven is trusted by universities, colleges, elementary and secondary schools, student associations, sexual assault centres, campus police, and agencies across North America.

Tailored Safety Solutions

Choose from Haven's robust set of features and customize them to meet the unique safety needs of your organization.

Round-The-Clock Support, Just for You

We take partnerships seriously. That's why we offer 24/7 support and work hand-in-hand with our partners (who LOVE us!) to ensure Haven seamlessly integrates with your organization's unique needs.

Our Working Process

25+ Powerful Features Reaching 130,000 Users

Haven offers a multi-layered approach to safety that extends beyond basic alerts to situational support and community collaboration. See how Haven can help today.

Emergency Mode on the Haven App.
Our Users Love Haven

Championed by Organizations, Users, Parents, and Experts

Trust is at the heart of Haven, earning us a top spot in the hearts of organizations, users, and industry experts alike. Haven's reliable, user-friendly design is dedicated to fostering safer communities across North America.

Effortless Setup and Flexible Commitment

With Haven, you can quickly deploy effective safety measures in just 20 minutes - and with a free trial and annual subscriptions, you're never locked in.

A User Rating of 4.95 Stars - And Rising

Your users will be smitten with Haven. With a modern design, easy navigation, and a smooth user interface, Haven isn’t just functional - it’s a joy to use.

Testimonial from Carly Kalish of Victim Services Toronto.
Everything Your Organization Needs

Administer Safety Anywhere With No Complex IT Integrations

Unleash the power of instant alerts when a user is in trouble, send push notifications, invite users via their organizational email, and access insightful data and analytics all from Haven’s user-friendly Cloud Portal.

Highly Effective Safety Tools

The Haven Cloud Portal lets you focus on assisting more users without getting bogged down in operational complexities.

Data Analytics At Your Fingertips

Looking for reports, ROI, download rates, resource access statistics, and more? Haven puts all this valuable data right at your fingertips.

questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions about Haven Safe? We're here to answer them with our Haven - Safety Alert & Locator FAQs.

How much does haven cost?

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Haven staff work with your Organization to ensure that you are only paying for Haven features you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Do You Offer Team Accounts?

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Yes! Haven allows your Organization to add as many staff members onto your Haven account to help monitor and administer safety.

Why Should I Trust Haven?

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Haven worked closely with safety experts from Day 1 to ensure compliance and best practices. Additionally, Haven has been implemented at various institutions and governmental agencies thus far.

What Happens to My Data?

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We respect your data. No Haven data is transferred, shared, used, or sold by external parties. Haven upholds the strictest data and privacy compliance measures.

Can I Try Haven For Free?

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Yes! We offer all organizations the ability to try Haven for free. Set up a Demo Call to learn more.

Why Should I Choose Haven?

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From higher safety outcomes to better engagement rates, Haven drastically provides more value than existing safety solutions. If they were perfect, you wouldn't be considering Haven in the first place!