Making the World
A Safer Place

Haven is an end-to-end platform that protects communities by connecting users, institutions, and first responders in real-time. See how Haven can help today.

What We Do Best

Harnessing 21st Century Technology for Personal Safety

Haven's mission is to leverage the power of technology to enhance personal safety, offering an invaluable tool for anyone confronted with threatening situations and for organizations to provide better community safety.

Protecting Communities 24/7

With Haven, users have a 'Swiss Army Knife' of safety on them at all times, perfect for when they feel uneasy or need help immediately.

11 million Canadians over the age of 15 have experienced physical or sexual assault at least once in their lives.

Statistics Canada

Keep Your Users safe with Haven

Haven's internal survey found that 81% of respondents felt unsafe outside their homes at night without friends or family.

Redefining Existing Safety Solutions

Traditional safety solutions have failed to provide the level of security that people can trust. Haven aims to redefine these solutions, offering a more effective and reliable option for safety across North America.

The Team Behind Haven

Our Founder and CEO

Nelson Lee, CEO

Nelson, the Founder and CEO of Haven, also serves as a Governor of the University of Toronto Governing Council, where he oversees a $3B annual operating budget. Additionally, he is a Board Member of the University of Toronto Students' Union, the largest student government in Canada.

The seed of Haven was planted when Nelson learned about a close friend's on-campus sexual assault at the University of Toronto. This spurred him to transform pain into action, leading to the inception of Haven.

A proud 2T4 Computer Engineer from the University of Toronto, Nelson previously lived in San Francisco and worked as a Full Stack Engineering Intern at Hearth, a Series B startup.

When he's not spearheading Haven's mission, Nelson indulges his creative side by writing and producing music. He is a Swiftie and enjoys unwinding with episodes of The Office or Heartstopper.