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Made by Students.
For Students.

Haven is inspired by our goal of utilizing the powers of technology to make people feel safe when faced with sexual assault or physical violence on university and college campuses.


63% of university students have experienced sexual assault or harassment (Government of Ontario).


Eleven million Canadians over the age of 15 have experienced physical or sexual assault at least once in their lives (Statistics Canada).


In our internal survey with over 250 respondents, we found that over 80% of women felt unsafe outside their homes at night without friends or family.


Existing solutions, such as rape whistles, have not had the effect of curbing sexual assaults to a significant enough extent that people feel secure in relying on these tools.


Haven makes keeping yourself safe easy.

"We believe in a world where anyone can feel safe, no matter the circumstance."
- Our Vision


Ethan Hugh

CTO, Co-Founder

Nelson Lee

CEO, Co-Founder

We're founded by two Engineering students at the University of Toronto who want to create a world where anyone can feel safe under any circumstances.


We believe that returning to a pre-COVID world does not mean returning to pre-COVID dangers.


If you believe in this vision, download the Haven app, spread the word, invest, or contact us and see how you can help.