What do Angels do?

Angels play a crucial role in the Haven ecosystem. Angels are a User’s close friends, parents, siblings, or partner that will help watch over Users when they use the Destination Timer, Share Location, or Emergency Mode. When a User uses any of these features, Angels are notified. They are also periodically informed of the User’s Status and Location. In the Map, Angels can see their User’s Location by tapping on their name, call them in-app, or get directions to where their User is. Angels can also visit their Users’ Action Logs, which contains their Users’ past actions, by going to Menu > View User Logs, or by going to Connections > Users > Tap on User > View User Logs.

How do I add an Angel?

You can add an Angel by going to Connections > Add Angel. You will then be asked if that person has a Haven account. If they do, you can press ‘Yes’ and add them directly. If you do now know, or if you are unsure about whether your Angel has a Haven account, you can click on either ‘No’ or ‘Unsure’, where you can send a pre-written message with an invite to Haven. Make sure to only add Angels you trust, such as a close friend or loved one! Additionally, you can only have up to 5 Angels if you do not have Haven Premium. If you have Haven Premium, you can add up to 10 Angels!

How do I accept an Angel Request?

You can accept an Angel Request by going to Connections > Users > Pending User Requests You can then tap on the User that you wish to accept. You will now be notified by Haven if your Users start Destination Timer, Share Location, or Emergency Mode. You can also check your Users’ Action Logs by going to Menu > View User Logs. You can only have up to 3 Users if you do not have Haven Premium. However, if you have Haven Premium, you can accept up to 5 Users!


What is Emergency Mode?

Emergency Mode is where you head to if you feel uneasy or in danger. You do not need to be in a pressing Emergency to start Emergency Mode. If something feels off, you can turn on Emergency Mode. You can quickly start Emergency Mode by holding down on the Safety Button on the Home Page for 2 seconds. Starting Emergency Mode notifies your Angels of your Status, Location, and that you started Emergency Mode. In Emergency Mode, you can Call your Angels, Start the Siren, or Call 911. Your location is also sent to your Angels every 5 seconds. You can end Emergency Mode by holding down on the Cancel Button for 1 second. You will need to enter your Safety Pin to ensure you are the person exiting Emergency Mode. Your Angels will be notified you are safe after ending Emergency Mode.

Why trust Haven?

Haven is the best way to stay safe and connected. Why? We have a strong, accredited, and highly respected team that reviews all of our features and information. Our founders Nelson and Ethan, from Day One of creating Haven, consulted and worked closely with experts in the field of safety, sexual assault, and personal security. These experts include directors of sexual assault centres and networks across North America, nurses, administrators, lawyers, and other experts. We are incredibly fortunate to be able to run our features through their decades of experience and provide you with the most effective way of staying safe.

How is my Data used?

We respect your Privacy. Always. Here at Haven, we do not sell your data, EVER, to anyone, unlike some other Safety Apps out there. Cough cough. We might make less money because of that, but we feel that respecting you and your boundaries is more important. We’re in the business of empowering you to stay safe. We can’t achieve that goal if we take away your freedoms and liberties. We know you store some important information on Haven. As such, we take the highest precautions to keep your data secure. We also do not use any data that we can identify to you at Haven. We only use aggregate, non-identifying data when deciding what features we should release next. Learn more at If you have more questions about how your data is used, contact us at, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


How do I change my Safety Pin?

You can easily change your Safety Pin by going to Menu > Settings > Change Safety Pin. Make sure to remember your Safety Pin, you will use it to end your Destination Timer and exit Emergency Mode!

How do I change my Password?

You can easily change your Password by going to Menu > Settings > Change Password. You will need to enter in your Old Password and then enter your New Password.

How do I edit my Account?

Editing your Account is a very straightforward process! Head to Menu > Profile and then tap on any piece of information you want to edit! Make sure to double-check if you spelled and typed everything correctly. Otherwise your Angels and Haven will be unable to reach you during an Emergency.

How do I delete my Account?

You can delete your Haven Account by contacting We will help you through the Account Deletion process to ensure we properly wipe away all of your information from our servers.

How do I cancel Haven Premium?

You can cancel Haven Premium by going to Menu > Profile > Cancel Subscription or on your iPhone’s Settings App and going to Profile > Subscriptions. We hate to see you go, so if you are leaving Haven Premium, please let us know how we can improve.


How can I be a Beta Tester for Haven?

What an explorer! You can be a Beta Tester for Haven by contacting us at You get to try out new features before anyone else and be in on some of our secrets! So join the Haven Club now.

How do I partner with Haven?

We would love to partner with you! Send us an email at, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

What is your Privacy Policy?

To view our current Privacy Policy, visit our website at

Destination Timer

How do I use the Destination Timer?

Set a Timer of when you expect to arrive at your Destination by scrolling on our Time Picker or with the Quick Timer, then press ‘Start Destination Timer’. Once you arrive at your Destination, you must deactivate the Destination Timer. If you do not deactivate the Destination Timer or if the Destination Timer runs out, you have 1 minute to type in your Safety Pin. Otherwise, your Angels will be notified and we will check in. You can also choose to share your Live Location with your Angels while the Destination Timer is activated.

What are Quick Timers?

Do you routinely get to a Destination in the same amount of time? You can set up Quick Timers in the Destination Timer. If you expect the time to go from the library to home to always be 15 minutes, you can set up a Quick Timer for 15 minutes labelled ‘Library to Home’. Now, you can just tap that Quick Timer and ‘Start Destination Timer’, instead of using the Time Picker. How Quick and Nifty!

How do I add a Quick Timer?

You can add or edit a Quick Timer by heading into the Destination Timer found on the Home Page. Tap on the ‘+’ or ‘Edit’ Button. Then, you can set your Quick Timer by giving the Timer a name and how many minutes you expect that journey to take!